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MyChat - system for real-time chatting in small or home office local networks and corporate networks
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24 December 2009

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MyChat 4.2 is a server-client chat utility that supports you in passing messages and exchanging files over network. This software proves extremely effective to work within intranet and corporate network environment, and also through internet. It’s beneficial to the companies that require a corporate dialog resource, but don’t prefer using IM system due to the immense possibilities of information leakage. The program features in-built FTP server, alert messages, messages’ history, script engine, contacts panel, events logging, user groups, obscene flood and words, ignoring users, and even more. The chat functions expertly within terminal sessions, and can also be started in Linux with WINE. Further, it integrates with indirect systems such as Client-bank system with the help of in-built script-language.

Using MyChat is an easy affair as it contains simple functions to begin chatting and sharing files through network. The main tabs with the program are Contacts, Profile, Files, Broadcasts, Bulletin board, History, My Channels, Ignores, and Options. Using Contacts tab where you’re provided lists of several computers present over network, and assign them categories like Admin, Blocked, Moderators, Power Users, and Users. Selecting any user, you can create channel, connect/disconnect, and update. It allows you to easily begin chatting with added contacts and share files with them. You can also effectively set Profile, and manage Files as per the provided features within respective tabs. Further you can maintain the chat history, channels, broadcasts, and other content effectively. Even, the program allows you to set users as ignored if you do not want to communicate or share data with them. In addition, right-clicking a contact you can use Open Private, “Who is this?”, Messages history, Add to ignore list, Personal Message, Alert message, and other options. Along with this, the program comprises of several other features and configurations that you can set and communicate easily with other network users.

MyChat 4.2 supports you in easily connecting to other network, internet, and intranet users so that you can pass on messages and exchange files effortlessly. Since, the program provides efficient tool-set followed by its remarkable performance, it gets the rating of 4.5 points.

Publisher's description

MyChat is a client-server chat, it is ideally suited for message passing and an exchange of files in a network.
MyChat can easily work in corporate or intranet networks, and also through the Internet.
The product will be useful to the companies to which need a resource of corporate dialogue, but usage of such IM systems, as ICQ is inadmissible because of possibility of information leakage. With MyChat such problems will not be: you install a server and can inspect all.
Possibilities of system will pleasantly surprise even the most exacting users. Program installation, and also its usage will not cause any difficulties.
Built-in FTP server - There is a built in own file multithreaded FTP server in MyChat. It uses for an auto update of clients when new versions are released and for exchanging files between users.
Alert messages - It is possible to send the important message to any amount of people in a chat. Also it is possible to request a confirmation about perusal to be assured that your message has been read.
History of messages - Dialogue history in common and private channels in the convenient form with possibility of search of messages on date, channel or user.
Script engine - With the help of script engine MyChat Script Language the server can handle various events that allows MyChat to co-operate with already working systems in your company.
The panel of contacts - Organize the list of the contacts. MyChat even can create it automatically for you!
Logging of all events - The server can record absolutely all: from system messages to private talks.
User groups - For more floppy control users can be united in various groups. Assign the rights to administrators, operators and usual users!
Obscene words and flood - Effective methods for usage limitation in a chat of obscene lexicon and the warning of spams-dispatches.
Ignoring - Someone too bothers you in a chat? Bring him in the ignore-list, and he cannot disturb you any more.
Version 4.5
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